Welcome to worship with us on Sundays at 11 a.m. It is a place where  Jesus is exalted, where His words speak into our lives. Our Sunday services is interpreted to english.

Due to the prevailing pandemic, we can unfortunately not have open services. We broadcast our services live every Sunday at 11 a.m. on Youtube and on Facebook. You are warmly welcome to join us there.


Are you in need of an home group? Please contact us. We can provide an english speaking home group.

Sunday Service

Online Service 11 am every Sunday.

Home groups

We have english speaking home groups.


Get involved in teams.


We have interpretation.

Unfortunately, we can not offer translation every service this summer.


Every Sunday service is interpreted to english. In order to be able to hear the interpretation you can choose to download the jitsi meet app at any available application store for your smartphone. Make sure to bring your own earphones. Further instructions is available at the church. You will be able to sit anywhere in the auditorium. If not we have an interpretation section were you can sit and borrow headphones.


1. Download the ”Jitsi Meet” app

2. Make sure your headphones are connected

3. Join the room: HopeEnglish

4. Please mute your microphone in the app

5. Now you can join us the service online


Contact us by sending an email to kontakt@churchofhope.se



1. Do not fear!
We live in a special time where fear can rule our lives. Don’t let fear rule in this situation. Jesus said to his disciples when they were in the storm “It is I; Don’t be afraid!” We don’t have to be scared either. Jesus is with us in the midst of the storm.


Church of HOPE is not a building or business – we are a church of many people where community is our strength! Hope is my Home!


2. We as a church are part of the society
As a society, we are facing major challenges. As a church, we are a part of society at every level and we are closely following the recommendations that we receive from authorities. This means that those who are ill should stay at home from all our gatherings and elderly or those who are at risk should also stay at home during this season.


3. Let’s be creative!
How will our congregation be affected by the situation? For ten years we have been webcasting our worship and services. If you can’t join physically due to the Coronavirus, you are more than welcome to join us on Facebook or Youtube!


Though the situation is changing daily we prepare everything we can to continue to be present in your life in the best possible way as a church. While closely monitoring the development of the situation we will stay close to eachother spiritually even if we are becoming more distanced physically.


In the present situation, we have decided that we will have the service as normal on Sunday mornings where you are welcome! As said earlier, if you do not feel completely healthy, we invite you to join in online.


As a result of this decision the service with Andreas Nielsen and Tigleth Malkey this weekend is canceled, and Sisterhood with Lina Nielsen is postponed until after the summer.


We will keep you posted on how we will move forward according to how the situation develops.


If tougher restrictions change our situation even more, we will switch to online services fully, however this is not relevant at present, but we want you to know that we have the opportunity if needed.


4. Don’t forget to give!
When many routines change make sure to always celebrate sunday service in one way or the other, either you join in physically, or online at home with your family or connectgroup. When we join in together, there is also the natural opportunity to continue to give financially to the church. It is always possible via Swish and or a bank transfer.


We would like to thank our donors and encourage continued donation. Don’t forget to give tithes and offerings. Your giving is as crucial in these times and as always we believe that you will be blessed as you give to the kingdom of God. God is with you!


5. Our new focus.
Even if we decrease in the larger collections, we should continue to do what we are good at – faith, prayer and a strong community. The connectgroups become even more important now when it comes to community, stay connected and make sure to take care of each other in this season, give each other a call, and help each other out! If you get to think of someone, contact this person, we believe that the holy spirit leads us to the right individual at the right time.


If you are older, we want to help you in a special way. If you have any practical challenges, we as a church want to be there for you. Call your connectgroup leader or the office and let us know what can do for you!


God bless you and see you on Sunday!

Mats Holmgren

Guidelines because of the Coronavirus


Now there’s a big focus on the Coronavirus in Sweden. As a church in cooperation with Pingst nationally, we are following the common guidelines in these questions. Vi take a common force to prevent virus proliferation, as good as we can. Not least among the risk groups.


You can read more on Pingst homepage,click here.


We recommend you taking part of the information that is given through safe sources and follow the instructions given from the government authorities. On the folkhälsomyndighetens hemsida (homepage) you will find more information, questions and answers, risk level and also follow the proliferation.

Because we are a church were many people gathering, we want that all of you that have been in areas with comprehensive contagion (e.g. Italy, China, Iran, Austria and South Korea) stay home from the church during a time of two weeks after coming home and also be aware if you got some of the symptoms as cough, difficulty breathing or fever. We do this with regard to all people in the church.  


What are we doing as a church to make it a safe place for you?

  • We greet without shaking hand. We can greet by words and by nodding, hand on your heart or similar. We apply this in our foyer and during the event “Meet and greet” in Sunday service. 
  • We will take communion in individual chalks/cups. All the people making this service must have cleaned their hands and used disinfection liquid before communion.
  • The wafer is given by the communion servers.
  • We providing soap and hand disinfection-liquid.
  • We raise our intensity of cleaning and surface-disinfection in our rooms, especially the contact surface.
  • Alla our team members washing their hands before starting their services.  


Even if you not are among the risk groups, your contribution for preventing virus proliferation are important.  


What can I do to prevent proliferation?

  • Avoid touching your face or eyes and avoid close contact with ill people. 
  • Wash your hands often and carefully with soap and warm water, before eating; handling food and after visit the toilet. Hand disinfection can be an alternative, when not possible with handwash. 
  • By cough and sneeze in the bend of your arm or in a handkerchief, you prevent proliferation in your close area and to contaminate your hands.
  • Stay home when you are ill, for preventing proliferation to other people.


If I get symptoms?

If you have symptoms similar to common cold you should stay home. At the healthcare information / sjukvårdsupplysningen 1177  there is more detailed information if you got symptoms. We recommend you following their instructions. You can also call the public health authority / Folkhälsomyndigheten on 113 13 if you have questions about the Coronavirus. If you are ill make a notification of illness and stay home from work. Even close relatives should be aware of symptoms of illness. 


Some good advice!

Help people in your closeness to not let fear control them. The Bible is clear that we should not live in fear. But we also believe in acting wisely and not expose ourselves or our fellows for risk or danger, therefore we call for caution.


Because we are a church that believes in prayer, we will also give you a calling for prayer, that the proliferation of the virus shall decrease and that not more people will be infected.


We will continue to give frequent information about our position for eventual further guidelines from authorities. Sunday service and gatherings during the week will follow out as common if nothing else is announced. 


We looking forward to meet you on Sunday, we have an exciting season ahead of us as church and we believe God about great things!


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